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Засилие "ноготочков", "личиков", "кремиков" и прочего такого уебанства на Косметисте меня не трогает.
Что меня реально раздражает в постах это подобные ссылки:

- "Начиналось все спонтанно со столь приятного: «Дорогая, выбери себе новую помадку» ^_^. Дорогая то есть я вывалилась из магазина и с помадой, и с карандашом, и с этой палеткой."

- Выбежала из магазина к мужу: "Милый, надо!" и получив согласие бросилась обратно.

Бля, вот от такого меня тошнит просто. Т.е. бабы получают разрешение у спонсора на покупку помады, например. Это ж насколько надо быть клушей, чтобы даже на помаду себе быть не в состоянии заработать.
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Не прошло и 4 месяца, как я получила свои посылки, заказанные в ноябре! Спасибо Почта России!
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Мама позвонила в Аэрофлот и узнала про нормы провоза багажа из НЙ - 46 кг на чела +10 кг ручной клади!
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Тематический flash mob. Сага. Часть 2. Тема от [ profile] master_fyr Одежда! )
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Наконец дошли руки до "Параллельных миров" Мичио Каку! Начала читать. Только как то стремаюсь названия. =\ Как будто не по космологии книгу читаю, а какую то дешевую изотерику. :D

Хождение по Торговым Центрам очень развращает. Внезапно понимаешь, что тебе нужно и это, и то, и еще вот без этого ты прям не проживешь! Ужас, так недолго в шопологика превратиться. =\ Между тем на обед хожу в ТЦ, жизнь заставляет по магазам гулять.

"Поэт лишь желает подняться головой к небесам. Логик же пытается затолкать небеса к себе в голову. Его-то голова и раскалывается." (Честертон)
Крутая цитата!

На следующей неделе 3 дня переговоров, а я 4 месяца устно не переводила! Пофик, что до этого несколько лет по той же теме переводила каждый день, все равно на измене! :О Иностранцы новые, ни разу даже не видела. Наши тоже новые, тк работа новая и я с ними еще никуда не ходила и не воспитывала их как с переводчиком работать, а они точно опыта не имеют. охохох

Еще холодно стало, а когда холодно фик похудеешь. Тут бы удержать то, что есть, чтобы не начало расползаться. :О
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today i was thinking about some stuff
(i usually think about stuff, when i go somewhere in the bus)
so today i was thinking about what i need money for. i spend so much of my time to earn it, but do i really need it? it'll seem amazing haha but the answer was Yes.
But for me it's very important to draw a line between things i need and thing i'd like to have. Today i was thinking again about that book the Fight Club and came to the conclusion that i won't be a slave of my things. no damn way. i believe that things worth buying only when they bring you some mental pleasure... it's hard to explain but for me it's something different from buying beautiful and expensive sofa or the most expensive furniture in the city or anything like that. for example my parents say sometimes that they are ashamed of partial poorness of our flat, they say that our furniture sucks and they don't want to invite someone home. and that's when we are certainly not the poorest family here. we have a computer with the Internet ( not everyone here has it, i'd say even that these ppl are rather few), we have lots of great books and pictures. as for my room - i'm proud of it! all walls are in posters and furniture and the piano are in flowers, looks really weird but what i love most of all is my cassettes , cds, videos, etc.
i never felt any shame not only for my room but for all our flat! i think it's our personal choice how to spend our money, so why are they ashamed of?
in my opinion: if you don't like anything in my house, get the fuck out of it!!
fuck, why am i so tired again that i can't even find words to explain what i feel.... as usual

so i was trying to explain what things i consider to be worthy buying. it's definitely not clothes - those who care for the price of their stuff are just stupid, often it means they have nothing inside so they try to make their outside something. ha!
it we taking our flat, 'cause ppl aways spend all they life bringing different shit home. that sux too. i'd better live in empty flat with only a bed a table a chair and a computer in it. i'd better save money to go somewhere, visit some places, people, i feel that lots of great things pass by.

oh, i think we should spend our money on hobbies, fuck that's why i was trying to say...
or not? fuckit

i haven't been talking to my father for more than a month already. i wonder when he starts?

hobbits are the best creatures ever.

sweet dreams to all
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recently I've been reading books that can be characterized only as antisocial and anarchistic ones, but that's great. I shouldn't waste my life reading some shit which doesn't give me anything. And these books, I think that in the end I'll give a fuck even less than now and that's great 'cause I think we shouldn't care too much about what people around us think if they are not those who deserve our attention and it's not so difficult to distinct such.
So now I'm reading Fight Club, it's even better than the movie that was really great and I've read there about that idea I was thinking about for a long time. Why do people care so much about THINGS?? Who cares by Whom the thing is made and how much it costs? It's just a fucking thing! We work all life just to buy something; moreover we do this doing the job we hate just to buy things that we Don't Need! Imagine that you've been earning money for all your life just to surround yourself with wonderful and modern things like good sofa and cool curtains and one day you came home and you neighbor told you that your place was robbed or an accident had happened and everything was destroyed. What then? Life is over, you lost everything that you "loved", what you lived for. I know that it's an example from the book, not my own, but it reflects perfectly what I think about this, why do we have to live just to buy something?? That's so stupid. I think we have to choose something that we really like and do this despite anyone's opinion about this. It's our life, nobody else's and we Have to understand that soon we gonna DIE! I'm so happy that I'm reading Fight Club in this moment of my life when I think a lot about my life and about death, I often try to imagine how would it feel To Die, but I can't. One second you are alive and kicking and the next you
are just a senseless object, which won't ever be able to speak, feel, move and anything else.
There's one moment in the book when Tyler Durden catches some random guy and puts the gun to his forehead, then tells this guy to continue studying biology or whatever, just to do whatever that guy wanted to be in the beginning. The guy was trembling with fear he thought Tyler was going to kill him, but in my opinion that was the best lesson for him ever. He faced death and he started appreciating Life, that's wonderful.
We live our lives automatically not valuing them at all. Then Tyler told him that if he doesn't continue studying he gonna find and kill him 'cause he knows his address and stuff, but the point is that Next morning that guy will eat the tastiest breakfast in his life and live the best day of his life, just 'cause he faced Death. Since that time he'll think that he can die any moment and he'll do his best to live his life as good as he can, and that thought about Tyler will keep him tight, he won't relax as we usually do.
Are many of us satisfied with our lives? Can we often say yes?
I try to live my life in the way that I won't regret about anything, about lost time, or wrong words. We just have to find OUR way, not to follow everyone else's, like we usually do, trying not to be different from the mass. I want to be different, 'cause I understand that I have only ONE life and I can't correct my mistakes or change anything. So fuck family, fuck society, fuck everything except for what I choose, 'cause I'm gonna live For Myself no matter what you or whoever else says!


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